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At the Narrows, Poems by Meredith Davies Hadaway

The sinewy poems of Meredith Davies Hadaway’s At the Narrows ferry the reader through churning waters into a pool of repose.

Sample Poems by Meredith Davies Hadaway

“In Meredith Davies Hadaway’s vibrant new collection, she ferries us to the heart of the world, ‘all muscle and shine.’ These poems are as elegant as they are exacting. They sound the very depths of the river Hadaway is teaching us to call home, where we recognize the losses and the wonders as our own.”—Jody Gladding, author of Translations from Bark Beetle

Praise for The River is a Reason

“Meredith Davies Hadaway is an elegant poet who reminds us that we are of the earth—its land, sky, and water—while revealing our humanness, our grief, fear, longing and resilience.”—Julianna Baggott, author of Lizzie Borden in Love and Compulsions of Silkworms and Bees

“As they balance between the everyday and the mysterious, as they flow between praise and lament, these poems are dignified throughout by a master’s feel for sentence and line. Like the river that runs through the heart of it, the whole collection gathers itself into a single, sinuous body. American poetry is richer for this river.”—Peter Campion, author of El Dorado

“Gorgeous—from cover to cover—and the poems are among the most graceful and restrained I have read in a long time.”—Sue Ellen Thompson, author of They

ISBN 978-1625491237, 92 pages

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